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Solar Sal 27 With Solbian Panels
Solar panels have improved tremendously in the last decade and high-quality panels now come in a variety of shapes, weights and applications. In addition to rigid glass panels, we carry panels you can walk on, sew into your canvas, glue onto cambered surfaces and even blend in with your teak deck. Talk to us about custom shaped or camouflaged panels. You can even order them with your business or boat name on them. We’ll help you choose the best panels and controllers for your project. Featured below are our top selling brands.

Solbian Semi-Flexible Solar Panels

Solbian solar panels, manufactured in Italy, are the highest quality, flexible, high-efficiency solar panels on the market. They can be sewn into a bimini, dodger or awning. They can be snapped or glued onto a cambered hard top. You can even order panels that camouflage your deck or display your boat name.

The panels come in the SP, SR, SR+ and All-in-One series. The SP panels are the highest efficiency semi-flexible panels available. They use SunPower cells with up to 23% cell efficiency. The SR series with new Merlin technology are our most rugged and durable semi-flexible panels while still boasting a cell efficiency to 21%. The SR+ panels are very similar to the SR series, but are manufactured in the U.S.A. and therefore are not subject to tariffs. The All-in-One series is available in select sizes of the SP and SR series and include a built-in 12V/24V waterproof charge controller for easy installation. All-in-One panels are also constructed with the highest efficiency SunPower cells.

Solbian panels are 1/8 the weight of traditional glass panels. You won’t need to worry about sharp edges or broken glass, and they are easy to stow. They are terrific for a wide range of off-grid uses, including boats, RVs, awnings, tents, canopies, remote research stations and more!

Please note: Tariffs will apply to panels greater than 120 watts with the exception of Solbian SR+ panels, which are manufactured in the USA. Stock varies. Some panels may require additional shipping costs.

Solara Walkable Solar Panels and Rigid Panels

SOLARA solar panels from Germany are one of most successful module series for boats, RVs, off-grid houses, stand-alone structures and industrial systems. They are extremely robust and durable, functioning well even in challenging climatic and low light conditions.

Solara manufactures two types of panels that are imported to the USA: Power M walk-on panels and Ultra S glass panels. Both types include super-efficient SunPower cell technology.

Power M Walk-on Series:

Built with a corrosion resistant, powder coated stainless steel or DiBond backing plate for maximum cell support while maintaining flexibility to 3%

Rugged, rubber-like encapsulation is slip resistant and protects against UV, salt spray and environmental contaminants while allowing full light penetration

Completely sealed, low-profile junction box with 8’ cable leads for easy installation

SunPower cells for maximum cell efficiency, even in low angle light

Available with EZ Mount aluminum side and cross rails for easier installation on rails, davits, etc.

Ultra-S Glass Series:

Aluminum framed glass panels

Constructed with the highest grade SunPower cells

Excellent for traditional roof-top uses, projects where weight isn’t an issue and on areas that don’t need walk on access

MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

Solar charge controllers are a key component of your energy system and help you maximize the life of your batteries. These small units adjust the output from your solar panels by either dropping down (bucking) or raising up (boosting) the voltage so that they match the charge profile of your batteries. The wrong charge profile might damage your batteries or shorten their life span. The right charge profile will allow you more time out adventuring and less time repairing equipment. We can help you choose the best charge controllers for your system. To see some of our top recommendations by Genasun and Victron, check out our Solar Control Prices and Specs link and visit our resources page.

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