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Do you dream of quietly motoring past marine wildlife without scaring it away? Do you like to slip in and out of harbors virtually unnoticed? Is your fantasy to look into your engine room and see sparkling clean surfaces shining back? If so, an electric motor might be right for you.

Reasons to consider it:

Save Fuel Costs

No Exhaust Fumes

Clean, Painted Bilge

Significantly Less Noise

Reliable, Safe And Easy To Install

Better For The Environment – Less Emissions!

But will it reliably allow me to cruise in the Pacific Northwest?

With a properly size battery bank and motor, our answer is yes! We have several sizes available for boats up to 60’ and 45,000 lbs. How long you can motor depends on the size of your battery bank and your charging options. You may be able to cruise at low speeds all day or at faster speeds for a few hours. You can also recharge while you’re sailing with Electric Yacht’s adjustable regeneration.

How challenging is it to convert?

Electric Yacht’s packages are designed to make the conversion easy and straightforward.

  • Mounts to existing engine stingers.
  • Plug and play wiring for simple installation.
  • Uses existing shaft and propeller (or update your propeller for improved performance).
  • Can be installed while boat is in the water.

We can provide oversight on the project and work with you or a boatyard to ensure a quality, long-lasting installation.

We’ll also help you decide what size battery bank and charging sources you’ll need.

Electric motors come in traditional or sail drive options. See our resources page for detailed product information.

Contact us today to see if electric propulsion is right for you.

Below are 3 of our top selling motors. Please call for pricing

QuietTorque™ 10.0 Electric Motor

The QuietTorque™ 10.0 is a 10kW electric propulsion system is recommended for boats up to 35’ (LOA) and 12,000 lbs displacement. Typically programmed and sized to push boat at cruising or harbor speed.

QuietTorque™ 20.0 Electric Motor

The QuietTorque™ 20.0 provides up to 20kW electric propulsion. 48v plug-n-play system for boats to 45ft. 22000lbs. Similar thrust of an 35 to 40hp diesel.

QuietTorque™ 30.0 LC Electric Motor

The QuietTorque™ 30.0 LC provides up to 30kW electric propulsion. 48Vdc plug-n-play system for boats to 45ft. 28,000lbs. Replaces diesel engines up to 60hp.

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