Charging Systems

One of the biggest issues when getting ready for an off-grid adventure is being able to balance your loads, battery bank size and charging sources. Are you okay with strictly budgeting your energy use or do you really love your espresso and air conditioning?

If you plan to spend extensive time on anchor, exploring remote areas or living off the grid, you’ll need to take a look at your AC and DC loads, or electricity used per day. To calculate loads, you can use a battery/systems monitor or a state of charge meter to measure existing loads. You can also look at data sheets on products you’re planning to add. We can help you go through the process.

When calculating loads, we’ll have you consider things like:

Air Conditioning

Hot Water Heater(S)

Ice Maker(S)

Espresso Machine





Convection/Induction/Electric Cooking

And Smaller Phantom Loads

Determining your loads will help us decide how big and what type of battery bank you need and how much charging capacity will be required. We’ll also take a look at how you like to operate. Are you a hands-on person who likes to interact with your equipment or do you prefer a system that automatically regulates power with minimal intervention? What percent of the time will you have access to AC power? Do you prefer quiet anchorages or expect to run a generator?

Some charging options that we might incorporate into your project are:




Integrel Generator Replacement


Battery Chargers



Fuel Cells

Each system that we design is unique to the customer. For instance, we might design completely different systems for the same model boat depending on the customer’s cruising profile. Contact us to discuss upgrades to your system or creating a new system. We have a wide variety of innovative products and can design the best system for your unique lifestyle.

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