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At BRJ Solutions LLC, we work closely with our clients to develop the best energy system for their unique project. We can design a completely new system or review your current system and evaluate which products best complement what you already have. Our first meeting with you is entirely free. We have access to a wide variety of products. Some of our most popular and innovative products are featured below.

Batteries Featuring Firefly & Lithium

Batteries are the foundation of your energy system. Choosing the right batteries and pairing them to the right charge sources can make the difference between a carefree adventure or a systems failure nightmare.

Solar Panels & Controllers

Solar panels have improved tremendously in the last decade and high-quality panels now come in a variety of shapes, weights and applications. Along with rigid glass panels, we offer panels you can walk on, sew into your canvas, glue onto cambered surfaces and more.

Integral Generator Replacement

Finally, a solution to generating power without the added fuel costs and noise of a generator.

Electric Propulsion

Tired of the noise and fumes of your old diesel engine? It might be time to consider converting to an electric motor. With less emissions, you’ll also be helping the environment!


One of the biggest issues when getting ready for an off-grid adventure is being able to balance your loads, battery bank size and charging sources.

Battery & Systems Monitors

A battery monitor is one of the best investments you can make in your electrical system and should be one of the first. The information they provide is essential to making good decisions about the rest of your system and will pay off as you add equipment.

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