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BRJ SOLUTIONS, owned and operated by Brian and Teri Johnson, is the NW distributor for the new Carbon Foam AGM Firefly Batteries, Solbian Flexible Solar Panels and Lithium OPE-Li3 Batteries, but we also sell a variety of innovative products that we recommend for boat, RV and off-grid clients. We are always on the lookout for new, efficient energy solutions!

Brian and Teri know energy independence. They currently live on a boat in Seattle. They have also sailed to Mexico and back, lived in a houseboat on anchor for four years, spent a year living and traveling in an RV, and worked in remote areas in developing countries. In 2008, they started their first company BRJ MARINE, specializing in installation and repair of electronics and electrical systems. They expanded their business in 2012 creating BRJ SOLUTIONS, which focuses on products and consulting, and began phasing out BRJ Marine. Today, they focus on product sales, system design and project management.

Brian Johnson has more than 25 years of experience working in the marine industry around the world. He has earned electrical and electronics certifications for NMEA, NMEA 2000, ABYC, RayMarine, Garmin, Simrad and B&G. He has extensive experience installing Lithium battery systems and solar panels of all types, as well as Balmar, Victron, Magnum and other power generating equipment and electrical systems. Brian provides energy management consultation for boat owners preparing to race or cruise long distance or for those who want to spend summers anchored off beautiful, remote islands. He occasionally gives presentations on Lithium battery conversions, off-grid energy and product comparisons. Teri specializes in marketing / public relations and primarily works “behind the scenes.”

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